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Wesfarmers Sustainability Report 2014

"By considering the impact of our business on a broad range of stakeholders, we are able to continue creating value for our shareholders over the long term. In turn, our financial success gives us the ability to employ more than 200,000 people, pay taxes, pay dividends, look after our environment and also contribute to the communities in which we operate."


Dr Bob Every AO, Chairman

Our ten principles

Our commitment to sustainability

Wesfarmers will only be sustainable as a corporation if, in addition to its continued financial success, it adequately addresses a range of other issues which are both significant in their own right and which contributes to financial outcomes. Click here to view our 10 principles.




We will maintain a relentless focus on providing safe workplaces. Read more


We will strive to create an inclusive work environment, with particular attention to gender diversity and the inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Read more




We are committed to strong and respectful relationships with our suppliers. Read more

Ethical sourcing

We will strive to source products in a responsible manner while working with suppliers to improve their social and environmental practices. Read more



Community contributions

We will make a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate. Read more

Government cooperation

We will work constructively with governments and their agencies. Read more



Climate change resilience

We will strive to improve the emissions intensity of our businesses and improve their resilience to climate change. Read more

Waste and water use

We will strive to reduce our waste to landfill and water use where possible. Read more



Robust governance

We will maintain robust corporate governance policies in all our businesses. Read more

Stakeholder engagement

We will regularly and openly listen to our stakeholders. Read more

Our case studies

Bunnings targets safety and reduces injuries by 10% Read more

Coles supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander career development Read more

Coles commits to 100 per cent Certified Sustainable Palm Oil by 2015 Read more

Wesfarmers Chairman on board diversity Watch video

How we have performed this year

This year we are proud of our progress in the following areas:

  • We worked hard on improving safety across the Group, which is reflected in reductions in workers' compensation claims and the frequency of injuries.

  • We continued to work towards making our workplaces more diverse, with 29 per cent of all roles at manager level and above now held by women. We also had steady growth in our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander team membership, with more than 300 new starters this year in Coles alone.

  • We have increasingly focused on improving the ethical sourcing of our products, including strengthening our supply chain and improving its transparency, especially in Bangladesh, where our discount department store divisions are working closely with apparel suppliers.

  • We continued to make a significant contribution to the communities where we operate through supporting non-profit organisations in a range of areas.

  • Across the Group, emissions intensity continues to decrease and we are also recycling more every year.

Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate

undefined1.Last year’s figure has been restated from 43.9 to 38.7 to reflect a change in Coles’ and Industrial and Safety’s definitions of TRIs to reflect industry practice. From 2013, TRIs include fatalities, lost time injuries and medical treated injuries, however exclude first aid treatment and medical referrals with no follow-up treatment. It also reflects the maturation of data.

Community Contributions

Community Contributions Table