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Wesfarmers Arts Indigenous Leadership Program

On visiting the conservation department, I was inspired to pursue this further and did something about it. I followed my dream and made it come true,”  says Suzie Barron of Perth, who is due to complete her Masters of Conservation in October 2014. Suzie discovered her passion for art conservation in 2011 while attending the Wesfarmers Arts Indigenous Leadership program at the National Gallery of Australia (NGA) in Canberra, and continues to power through the adversities of uprooting to the east coast to pursue her dream.

Wesfarmers Arts Indigenous Leadership at the NGA has been a springboard for many early career Indigenous arts workers. This year the ground breaking partnership between Wesfarmers and the NGA offered an inaugural scholarship to Suzie to assist her to pursue her long term career aspirations in arts conservation.

Suzie says that after her graduation in December 2014, she would like to focus on the conservation and restoration of Indigenous paintings and is particularly interested in working in remote art centres of Western Australia and the North Territory. Wesfarmers is proud to be working with the NGA to give people like Suzie the opportunity to pursue their dreams.