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Blackwoods retrofits warehouse with LED lights

Blackwoods has shown that LED lights not only reduce carbon emissions and save money, they also improve lighting quality.

Blackwoods’ Victorian distribution centre in Scoresby in Melbourne’s southeast has recently completed the Industrial and Safety division’s largest LED high bay lighting retrofit project. The lighting upgrade, which entailed the removal and replacement of over 160 existing inefficient metal halide luminaires with leading edge LED technology and a photo electric cell control system, has resulted in an energy saving of around 60 per cent.

The project included replacing roof sheeting to let natural light in, to make the most of the cutting edge system that turns the lights down when natural light is available, improving lighting quality.

Maintenance costs have been reduced, due to the long life lamps, and as the previous lights also generated heat, the lighting upgrade has also reduced the air conditioning load. Blackwoods Electrical stocks the LED lights used, so the project has also provided an opportunity to showcase the lights to clients in an operating environment.

The team at Blackwoods Scoresby is delighted that the new lighting system generates energy savings and cost savings.