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Kmart sees the light on LEDs

Kmart stores generally use fluorescent lighting in the selling area, storage area and offices. A number of stores, however, used metal halide lights in the selling area, back of house areas, or both.

This year the business decided to replace the metal halide lights across all stores due to their age and power consumption.

Originally the business planned to use fluorescent lighting, however, during the tender process, the business found an LED alternative that met the businesses requirements and a decision was made to implement this instead. Metal halide lights were replaced in the back of house areas of 63 stores and a further 17 stores have had their lighting in the selling area replaced.

Although Kmart needed more fittings to provide the same amount of light, the business expects to cut lighting energy use by more than 50 per cent. In addition, the LED fittings are expected to last longer, reducing ongoing maintenance costs.

Feedback from stakeholders has been positive and Kmart is now looking to trial LED replacements for fluorescent lights in a store to assess their suitability.