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Bunnings targets safety and reduces injuries by 10%

This year, Bunnings continued to focus strongly on five key safety areas: Committing to Safety; Save Your Back; ForkSafe; Protect Your Hands; and Back to Life/Back to Work. This targeted approach has proved effective in reducing risk and team member injuries, with a 10 per cent reduction in TRIFR achieved for the year.

This approach has been especially successful in reducing risks associated with manual handling, with a six per cent reduction in injuries achieved for the year. This result has been largely attributed to a more integrated approach with safety being discussed and built into everyday decisions.  Some of the key actions undertaken this year to address risks associated with manual handling included:

  • better use of ‘ready to go’ pallets from Bunnings' suppliers to cut down on the double handling of stock;
  • more reinforced handles in cardboard packaging to make stock easier and safer to lift and move;
  • increased use of wooden skids that are integrated into the packaging of stock that is big, bulky and heavy to make it safer to transport and merchandise in stores; and
  • new ‘Save Your Back’ campaigns that increase team member participation, ownership and fun.

Bunnings also achieved a 96.8 per cent satisfaction rating in its latest safety climate survey which involved more than 7,500 team members across Australia and New Zealand.  This result shows the high level of energy and engagement that is keeping safety messages fresh and alive every day.