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Coles supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander career development

Coles employs more than 860 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander team members, making up one per cent of its staff. By 2020, Coles aim to increase this to three percent, so its workforce reflects the Australian population.  

To ensure this happens, Coles employs Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander coordinators in five states and territories and runs customised employment training programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people entering or returning to the workforce.

Team member, Brett Morris, said he had been looking for work for some time before he found an opportunity at Coles Ropes Crossing in New South Wales through the First Steps program.

In December 2013, Brett Morris was appointed Dairy Team Leader and has since moved to Grocery. In July 2014, Brett was awarded the Achiever of the Year award in acknowledgement of his achievements by the Employment Services Industry Awards.

Now Brett has his sights set on becoming a store manager and recommends the First Steps program to, in his words, “pretty much every Indigenous person” he knows.