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We will maintain a relentless focus on providing safe workplaces.

We continue to be committed to the health and safety of our team members, customers and visitors. Ongoing improvement in this area is a key pillar of overall sustainable business performance.

We are pleased that the Group's total recordable injury frequency rate (TRIFR) decreased by 18 per cent from 38.71 to 31.9 this year, with improvements across all divisions. The lost time injury frequency rate (LTIFR) decreased by 15 per cent to 7.6 and the number of workers’ compensation claims decreased by nine per cent to 8,045. There were no fatalities across the Group during the year. There were 1,720 lost time injuries (LTIs) across the Group and 7,186 total recordable injuries (TRIs), which include LTIs and medical treatment injuries.

undefined1.Last year’s figure has been restated from 43.9 to 38.7 to reflect a change in Coles’ and Industrial and Safety’s definitions of TRIs to reflect industry practice. From 2013, TRIs include fatalities, lost time injuries and medical treated injuries, however exclude first aid treatment and medical referrals with no follow-up treatment. It also reflects the maturation of data.

undefined2.This number is restated to reflect the maturation of data.

Key divisional safety initiatives

We are proud of our improvements over the past year, but acknowledge that we will need to continue to focus on improving until none of our employees are injured at work. For this reason, we will retain a vigilant focus on safety with each business setting appropriate improvement targets.

Each of our businesses has in place a strategic safety plan, to ensure sustainable continuous improvement in the health and safety of their workplaces, including lag and lead indicators to measure progress.  

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Wesfarmers Innovation Awards for safety

Wesfarmers Innovation Awards Logo

Over the last year there have been some great health, safety and wellbeing initiatives implemented across the businesses that have contributed to our improved performance. These initiatives have been critical in both their effect on safety outcomes and also the safety culture within our businesses. This year’s Wesfarmers Innovation Awards Safety Category winners highlight some of the innovative initiatives that have been implemented:

Gold - Beverage Handling System - Coles Liquor

The Beverage Handling System consisting of Mini Pallet and Trolleys was implemented to reduce the risk of manual handling within Liquorland stores. It is the first of its kind for the Australian liquor industry and has significantly reduced the risk and incidence of manual handling injuries. You can see more about this innovation here.

Silver - LPG Cylinder Valve Testing Device - Wesfarmers Chemicals, Energy and Fertilisers

Kleenheat’s LPG Cylinder Valve Testing Device was designed and implemented to safely and efficiently induct low-pressure nitrogen across a cylinder valve and into an LPG cylinder to confirm the valve operability and pressure status prior to removing the valve. It is an innovative engineering solution that is unique within the LPG industry and offers a simple solution to a historic industry problem, contributing to a safer work environment.

Bronze - Quality Control Safety Initiative - Coles

Coles implemented the simple yet effective solution of fitting green strobe lights to the high visibility vests and trolleys of quality control team members on the floor of its distribution centres. This has increased visibility of team members significantly and is having a positive effect on incidents and safety within this work environment. 

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